The Main Reasons for Break Up and How to Avoid Them

There are many reasons for the break up and we are going to enlist them, so that you can avoid them. By the avoiding the below factors, you can easily maintain your relationship and take it to a complete new heights.

Try not to leave love, because when love vanishes from the relationship, it's mandatory for bitterness to take its position. The next step can be complete breakage of the bonding. But you don't worry, sit back, relax and just read to stay from these points.

Small Issues

One of the biggest issues for break up is the rising of small issues. Small issues can be related uncleanliness, eating style, walking style, toilet seat etc and when somebody thinks, these things are unbearable, then this is the place where problems arise.

If you want avoid break up, then learn to tolerate on small issues, which can save your relation.

Not Being Faithful

This is an obvious and big reason for break up. One needs to have trust and faith upon each other, but if the trust is misused and is broken, then chances for break up rise to great extent. Unfaithfulness affects a person through emotionally, psychologically and mentally.

The best way to stay away from this reason is, by being loyal to life partner. You both have decided to stay and live together, then why would you such a beautiful relation to get into such a bad situation.


Quarrels on issues are a part and parcel of spousal relationship, but there has to be some specific reasons for it. But if somebody argues for no reasons, then there's something seriously wrong in the relation.

The ideal way to get rid of it is by, trying not to argue on every issue, as this can eliminate the complete sweetness in the bonding. Be more polite, gentle and solve issues without any harsh steps.

Getting Bored

Time has the unique quality to fade relations, if the bonding is not strong. So, as the time passes on, there are chances that, couples may feel bored from each other. And this might eventually result in a break up.

An overview to the complete article could be given as, if one wants a healthy bonding and a lifetime understanding, then self commitment could be the ideal way to stay away from break up. If somebody wants to save himself from break up, then he needs to keep the relationship strong, since its beginning.

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